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Christian Talk Radio is a great way to advertise! Tap into a fiercely loyal pocket of potential customers. When Christian listeners hear your message, in their minds, you become part of the family.

Christian radio is safe for the whole family and is a medium often listened to by several members of the same family. The time spent listening, or TSL, is longer for a Christian talk radio user than users of other formats who just scan repeatedly.

Truth has numerous national programs that feature notable and beloved pastors like Greg Laurie, Dr. Tony Evans, Dr. David Jeremiah, John MacArthur, Jay Sekulow, Alistair Begg, JD Greear, Alan Wright, Chuck Swindoll and many more!

We also feature local and regional programs: Truth Talk Weekend, Christian Car Guy, Kingdom Pursuits, The Line of Fire, The Steve Noble Show and more!

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Prefer to Buy From Christians
Ads are More Truthful
Want to Purchase
College Educated

According to Simmons Market Research:
71.8% of Christian radio listeners prefer to buy from a business that advertises on Christian radio.

According to Soma Communications:
57% of the Christian radio audience believe that ads on Christian radio show a truer picture of the product being advertised.

Also, nearly 64% of Christian radio listeners say that ads on Christian radio make them want to buy what’s in the ad compared with 33% of radio listeners from all formats combined.

Christian radio reaches upscale families who are college educated. Over 70% are college graduates.

The Cross Offers:
  • Over the Air on 9 Stations in 4 states
  • Streaming on The Cross Mobile Apps
  • Website Presence with 10's of 1000's of monthly visitors
  • 100s of Broadcasting Partnerships with Local and National Audiences
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